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House Trained?: Yes
Potty Trained: Registered, up to date with shots and vaccines, Vet Checked, Travel crate, 1 Year health Guarantee.

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DESCRIPTION: Teacup apricot poodle for sale

The Poodle has a waterproof coat and great retrieving talents. Nowadays, this breed is more known as a lapdog rather than a working dog. … The Teacup variation of this breed has been selectively bred from the Toy Poodle and must be under 9 inches in height and less than 6 pounds in weight to qualify as a Teacup.


The poodle is a highly intelligent dog that is sweet, perky, and lively. Poodles love being around people and socialize well. Poodles also make a strong watchdog. While poodles are generally good dogs to have around children, it is important that children display leadership skills, therefore, poodles are recommended for families with older children.

GROOMING: Apricot poodle standard

Grooming is one of owners’ favorite things about the Teacup and Toy Poodle breeds. Because of their coat’s thickness, it means that it can be clipped in many different ways and you can change their hairstyle every time they go to the groomers.

Even if you’re not interested in giving them a new hairdo, you will still need to brush them. Although they don’t shed, brushing shouldn’t be ignored and will help prevent knots and matting in their hair. You should aim to do this twice a week.

You should also clip their nails and brush their teeth. To help prevent dental decay and disease, daily brushing is the normally recommended.

When groomed, poodles showcase a square appearance. A poodle is approximately the same length as the withers’ height, with a slightly rounded skull and a straight muzzle. Poodles have dark, oval-shaped eyes that are set far apart and usually are black or brown. Poodles have ears that hang close to the head and are long and flat. Poodles can come in different solid colors including black, silver, blue, grey, apricot, red, white, brown, and cream. Poodles also come in partial colors which is less common to find. They come in black and white or chocolate and white and those marking remain distinctive


Height: up to 10 inches Weight: 6 to 9 lbs

LIVING CONDITIONS: Toy apricot poodle

Poodles are fine with city life as they remain particularly relaxed when indoor. If at home, poodles will generally lay right next to you with limited activity throughout the day. Regular walks either in the city or the countryside are all a poodle needs. Although excess space is not imperative, poodles crave mental stimulation, which will definitely need to remain a part of daily life.

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Apricot toy poodle for sale near me

12 or more years

FOOD AND DIET: Apricot poodle for sale

Because they are small dogs, their food needs are not huge. Experts recommend that you feed your Teacup Poodle approximately 250 calories per day, which is the equivalent to approximately 1 cup of high-quality dry kibble per day. You should try them on a specially formulated diet for toy-sized breeds, so you are ensuring that they get the right nutrients.

It is important that you don’t miss a meal or underfoot your Teacup Poodle, because little dogs are more prone to hypoglycemia which can be fatal. It is recommended that you feed them their food split into four meals a day — one at 7 AM, one at 11 AM, one at 3 PM, and one at 7 PM. You can also reward them with treats when they exhibit good behavior, as well as fruit snacks.

Toy apricot poodle

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